Young Mediterranean Voices Dialogue to be held in Brussels

Young Mediterranean Voices Dialogue to be held in Brussels

On the 23rd May a high-level dialogue event will give Young Mediterranean Voices and European Young Leaders the chance to come together in Brussels and shape the future of their region. The event aims to tackle challenges and opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean seen through the eyes of the young generation. It will give space for open discussions and critical thinking to find new solutions for future policies. The event is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by the European Commission.

The day will be divided into two sessions with the first exploring the hopes and dreams of youth in the Euro-Mediterranean and their expectations for their governments. This will feature key questions such as how they see the relationship between the MENA region and Europe, what goals they want to achieve in later life and what might prevent them from doing so.

The second session then hopes to address exactly those problems by finding ways to involve young people directly in the policy and decision-making process through national governments and international organisations. How do governance processes benefit from the innovation, leadership and transnational connectivity of young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region? Will women be the game-changers? These will be questions discussed in the second part of the event.

In the end, Young Mediterranean Voices seeks to give young people a voice and empower them to contribute to sustainable policy-making through a shared understanding and critical dialogue.


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