EU funded projects in Egypt

The European Union aids Egypt with several programs in the fields of environment and sustainable management of natural resources, human development, infrastructure, communications and transport, social cohesion and employment as well as water and energy.

The listing of projects can be checked here


Economic Update on Egypt and on the EU

Egypt has always been interesting for investments. After Jasmine Revolution the country has been granted even more financial assistance for an ample range of programs. Although the European Union has become weakened due to the Euro crisis, stronger countries as Germany or Denmark support Egypt financially. Egypt is on its way of stabilization and therefore, its economy has recovered slightly in comparison to the previous months.

You can view the new version dating from the 10th of July here.


European Union and Egypt - Beyond Investments

The study called “European Union and Egypt – Beyond Investments” by Dr. Alaa Ezz, CEEBA Secretary General and Niveen El Shafei, GAFI vice chairperson, is now available online. Besides trade and investment relations, this paper highlights development cooperation between the EU and Egypt from a business perspective.

The study can be downloaded here.

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    German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce
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    British Egyptian Business Association
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    French Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
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    Delegation of the European Union to Egypt
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    Italian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt