European Commission adopts decision adding Libya to Euro-Med regional cooperation programmes

The European Commission has adopted a decision, which officially adds Libya to the list of countries participating in the activities of its regional cooperation projects and programmes designed for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

The decision was adopted on 13 July 2012.

The ENPI Regulation of 2006 included Libya as an eligible country. However, the Regional Strategy Document (2007-2013), the Regional Indicative Programme (2007-2010) and the Regional Indicative Programme (2010-2013) did not include Libya due to the political circumstances. As such, Libya was not participating in the running regional projects/programmes designed for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

"In the light of the recent events of the Arab Spring and the new situation in Libya, Libya should now fully participate to the running regional projects / programmes, which will continue in 2013 and beyond," said the EC Action Fiche explaining the decision.

The decision follows from the Joint Communication 'A new response to a changing Neighbourhood' of 25 May 2011, which set out a new approach towards the 16 countries lying to the East and South of the European Union – including Libya – and offers a base for the inclusion of Libya among the beneficiary countries of the running projects/programmes for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

The development of specific activities targeting Libyan participation in each project/programme will be made possible through reorganisation of current project implementation plans, without any specific budget increase for that purpose.


Source: ENPI Info Centre

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