FARO : Only three selection committees left

Last selection session scheduled November 30, 2012. One last chance for project owners to apply before the fund Faro closing.

The steering committee decided to add a selection session at the ones originally scheduled. You have now three application deadlines.

- Friday 13 July 2012
- Friday 14 September 2012
- Friday 30 November 2012

Faro, the seed capital, development and orientation fund was launched on 27 May 2010 in the context of the Union for the Mediterranean to boost the development of innovation on both sides of the Mediterranean.

With a budget of 1 million euros, the Faro fund enables European entrepreneurs to study the feasibility of innovative projects undertaken in collaboration with partners from the South of the Mediterranean. Each project backed by the Faro is allocated a subsidy of 20,000 euros maximum, to finance up to 50% of the total costs involved in the works.

The subsidy allocated will enable the promoters of small innovative projects to undertake feasibility studies for their partnership project from various points of view: technical, financial, legal, commercial or managerial.


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Source: Anima Investment Network 

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