Federation of Egyptian chambers of commerce taking steps to include Egypt in the European Aid

Ahmed El Wakil , president of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce have declared that the Federation has already taken positive steps to include Egypt in the European Aid strategy with Turkey and benefit from the partnership project of 3000 companies that the EU Aid supports through different industrial projects.

El Wakil added during a meeting with the EU delegation and the business community in Alexandria that the Federation has submitted a request to the EU to discuss adding Egypt to this partnership same as Turkey.
He pointed out that achieving this requires a lot of work and joint efforts from different economic sectors and focusing on the industrial sectors that matches the Turkish industrial community in order to speed up the implementation of such fruitful and beneficial cooperation to the economy of Egypt.

In the end, El Wakil stated that there’s no fear from the possibility of having an Islamist ruler as the Islamic party believes in the current economic mechanisms.

Source: Ahram Gate

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