Morocco aims to reach 25% Renewable Energy by 2020

According to ANBA: While in some countries in North Africa the investment in alternative energy is still a project, in Morocco it is reality.

The country generates electricity from wind and sun. According to the ministry of Mines, Energy, Water and Environment of Morocco, Fouad Douri, the target is for 25% of the country's energy matrix to come from renewable sources by 2020. The objective is ambitious, as three years ago the country forecasted 15%. "We must renew our energy sources and reach a high level of studies and project development in renewable energy.

This is economically important and fundamental for society, and it is this form of energy we want for the future," said Douri, after participating in seminar "Green Energy in Morocco", one of the events in the sidelines of the Rio+20, on Thursday (21), in the city of Rio de Janeiro. There are at least five new projects for wind farms in Morocco. Together, they should produce 850 megawatts of energy. A city with 1.3 million inhabitants demands, on average, 230 MW. By 2020, the country plans to be generating 2,000 MW of wind energy. As Morocco has many desert areas, granting it many hours of sun, the country also has projects in the area. In July 2011, the French Development Agency (AFD) granted 100 million euros for the Moroccan Solar Energy Agency to start implementing the plan to generate another 2,000 MW of energy from 2020 on.

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