Egypt: New Solar energy plan generate 3,500 megawatts

Egypt’s minister of Electricity and Energy H.E. Hassan Younis has started the first Egyptian solar energy power plan with photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. The intention is to use the country's huge solar energy sources and long sunshine hours throughout the day and generate 3,500 megawatts of solar energy. The minister explained that solar energy has many positive aspects in terms of environment protection, lower greenhouse effects and more protection of natural resources. The plan is part of the electricity sector's strategy for supporting and spreading renewable energy usage.

In Kuraymat, 100 km south of Cairo, is Egypt’s first solar plant, which produce until to 120 megawatts. The Cabinet under Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzouri has now agreed to another project of the solar plan and established a 100-megawatt solar power station in Aswan. It will be accomplished in 2015/2016 and will cost 750 million dollars. The Petroleum Minister Abdullah Ghorab said that the plant would save up to 150 tons of oil products. Most of the power plants rely on fossil fuels.

The solar plan will extends until 2027 and will save around 3 million tons of oil.

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