Meeting with Assafrica representatives for the organization of a workshop regarding the relaunching of the Business Country Desks (BCD) project, in Rome, on March 30th 2012

The Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (Businessmed) met Assafrica representatives in Rome on March 30th 2012 to discuss about the organization of a workshop dedicated to the Business Country Desks project.

In fact, Business Country Desks (BCD) is a network launched in 2007 gathering 22 Businessmed members’ representatives, at the disposal of Mediterranean enterprises to provide them with all the information that they need. It also introduces the enterprise providing it with specialized advice and, if requested, put it in contact with the services providers that it may need.

These services are ensured directly by BCD representatives in each confederation member of Businessmed so that they can perfectly understand and identify the specific enterprise needs in each country.

Who is eligible to take profit of the Business Country Desks?
The BCD network is open to the members of each National Employers’ Confederation member of BUSINESSMED, but only to them.

The enterprise wishing to take profit of the network should be introduced by the BCD of its own country.
This introduction assumes that the enterprise is active at the Confederation in the present year, and is known to be honorable and to abide by the profession ethics.


This project which be relaunched during a workshop organized in partnership with Assafrica, will act as a catalyst for North-South, and basically South-South relationships and exchanges. These exchanges will represent the key for any integration with Europe and in global economy.

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