Dr. Galal Osman, joins the board of directors of International Solar Energy Agency

The International Solar Energy Society has decided to appoint Dr. Galal Osman, head of the Egyptian Wind Energy Association as an honorary director to its board which comprises 31 multi-national members, to be the only Arab Egyptian member in the board of directors.

Dr. Galal Osman expressed happiness to this decision, saying that ISES International Solar Energy Society is a non-governmental organization serving the needs of the community for renewable energy, and is present in more than 50 countries and supports the efforts of its members in advancement of technology, renewable energy since its foundation in 1954.

Dr. Osman added that ISES is seeking to encourage the use of Renewable Energy everywhere, through technology and the best scientific applications, and concern for social responsibility, and communication to reach the renewable energy technologies, supporting industries and institutions of the international community, as well as to motivate and encourage basic and applied research both in the field of solar energy through the support of private enterprises and empowerment in the field of renewable energy.

He stressed on the importance of providing quick access to information through tailor made communication methods and exchange platforms to take advantage of modern technology aspects which aims to promote the use and support of renewable energy technologies, create international structures to facilitate cooperation, to support the deployment of renewable energy technologies by combining industry with science and politics in workshops, conferences and summits in the field of renewable energy, by providing guidance to the government and organizations in the policies, implementation and sustainability of renewable energy in all parts of the world.

For more information about ISES, check their website here 

Source: Al Youm Al Sabae Newspaper

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