Cooperation on water technologies - expertise for the new Egypt

In a country where water scarcity is a great challenge, and with problems on the distribution of Nile water, and lack of specialized skills in the technical processing of water, environmental microbiology, Egypt decided to face this problem with the aid of the German Technology by scientists from Deusberg Essen University which is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service-DAAD.
The DAAD will grant Egypt 340 000 Euros for a collaborative project between the Research Centre for Water and Environment and the University of Fayoum.

This project provides support to the researchers and exchange students for 3 years where the school will establish a program of graduate studies. Through this program, students are selected from Fayoum University to study at a summer school for two weeks, as well as a additional study for four months in Germany. The study focuses on topics related to water chemistry, microbiology and environmental and water management or treatment as well as technical water purification stations and field visits to modern plants for processing drinking water. The study will include theoretical research papers and scientific thesis.

Followed by this is a winter school for two weeks in Egypt and training in one of the companies specialized in the economy of water. Thus, graduates receive a comprehensive overview and learn various methods and techniques. With this knowledge, they can meet the water problems facing their country.
The scientists chose initially to devote their efforts on the tutorials and can then create joint ventures, as the diverse challenges in the water sector solutions needs to be renewed. In this programme, not only academics in the field of chemistry, biology, engineering sciences are participating, but also unions and water companies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and from the Egyptian side, the Egyptian Center for Research and nanotechnology center.

Deusberg Essen University experts will establish a training lab in Fayoum with the funds granted, which can help in the establishment of an Institute for the Study of Water and Environment. In this regards, Prof. Dr. Matthias Albrecht considers the future aspects of cooperation, where he says “ On the long term, we can establish post graduate studies with bilateral double master’s degree in both universities, as it is currently the case at the Radboud University"

The launch of the project is scheduled to be on 16th April, in the city Essen to declare the start of the project on integrated water technologies, representatives of different research institutions, and interested companies will be present.



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