Intersolar Europe 2013: Solar in the MENA region

At Intersolar Europe, which takes place 19 to 21 June in Munich, solar in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) will be a hot topic of discussion.

The market in the MENA region for photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal power plants is expected to reach 3.5GW by 2015.

Sunny prospects for solar energy in North Africa

The sun also ranks among the most valuable resources in North African countries. Egypt benefitted from crude oil exports in the 1990s; however, current reductions in yields produced by oil fields and increasing energy subsidies are forcing the Egyptian government to take action. In the financial year 2012/2013, subsidies reportedly account for a quarter of the entire Egyptian state budget. As the largest energy resource in the country, the sun offers an ideal alternative to dwindling oil and gas. Every year, each square meter in Egypt receives more than 2,200 kilowatt hours of solar energy. The Egyptian Solar Energy Development Association (SEDA) in Cairo sees potential application areas for solar energy in the form of solar installations for producing drinking water and intelligent lighting concepts for hotels. In addition to concentrating on tourism, statements from the Egyptian Ministry of Housing reveal that, over the next few years, standard measures will see public housing equipped with solar installations.


Source: Solar Novus

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