EU secures grants for the construction of additional of 600 MW of wind power in Egypt

In an effort to provide continued support in the domain of renewable energy in Egypt, H.E. Ambassador James Moran, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt visited the Zaafaran Wind Farm few days ago.

 "Wind power must double the current overall generating capacity of 20,000 MW in Egypt to approx. 40,000 MW in the next ten years," declares Ambassador Moran, "… in order to be able to compete with the expected rise in consumption. While this is an ambitious plan, it is also one that would prove quite effective in helping to alleviate the foreseeable energy shortage in this country."

The EU is securing Grants for the construction of additional of 600 MW of wind power in Gulf of Suez and Gulf of El Zayt areas. Moreover, the EU is currently discussing with the Government of Egypt and other institutions the financing of 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Kom Ombo in addition to the feasibility study for a 20 MW Photovoltaic also in the same region. The (Energy Sector Policy Support Programme (Euro-60 million grant) that was signed between Egypt and the EU in 2012 confirms the importance of the cooperation between Egypt and the EU in the filed of Energy. This programme also promotes renewable energies and energy efficiency as well the financial sustainability and the good governance of the Energy sector in Egypt.

The European Union is committed to finding and implementing sustainable energy solutions in Egypt, particularly in light of its recent growing energy crisis. Recognizing that wind power provides the largest share of renewable energy today, the EU Ambassador met with The New and Renewable Energy Authority” (NREA) in Zafaraana few days ago, to discuss cooperation in wind power solutions for Egypt. The NREA was set up in 1986 as the Egyptian authority for research and development in renewable energies. The chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority, Eng Mohamed Omran, provided a presentation for the EU Ambassador and accompanied him for a visit to the windfarm control room as well as one of the wind turbines.

Egypt is a country with over 20 years of experience in the field of renewable energy use and has outstanding wind energy conditions, particularly in the coastal regions where high and stable wind speeds are frequent (up to an average of 10.5 m/s in the Gulf of Suez).


Source: EU delegation in Egypt website

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