Green MED initiative

The Cross-Border Cooperation within the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), the Mediterranean Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme supports the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon programme which introduces the idea of a waste treatment and recycling project which is expected to last for 36 months.

It will take place in different countries supported by 11 partners, these partners are:
1. Regional Association of the Municipalities of Sardinia
2. Averda Servus
3. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Marseille Provence
4. Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations
6. Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce & Industry
7. Association of Enterprises for Environmental Conservation
8. Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
9. Foundation for Development Innovation and Technology
10. Chamber of Commerce of Tunis

All have a solid institutional status at their national levels, and a wide range of expertise and competences at both the national and regional/cross-border levels.

This project is a headstone for future cross-border developments revolving around Environmental Sustainability at the Mediterranean Basin level. These future developments can target different social segments, like public parks and spaces, governmental facilities and public transport facilities, in addition to increasing the current geographical coverage into new area and locations.

The target audiences are the main youth communities in schools and universities who will be engaged in recycling activities from early stages. 250 institutions from 6 geographies will be selected in order to maximize the cross-border impact and potential of the program. Benefit from the project in the long term is not just the youth communities but also the larger community through the future developments that will target different social segments, like public parks and spaces, governmental facilities and public transport facilities.

The main expected results are to educate youth about the importance of recycling and the environment. Engaging youth communities in recycling activities at local levels, in addition the creation of a cross border partnership and unification around a joint cause: recycling. Implementation of a unified recycling program at both local and cross border levels. Collection of considerable quantities of recyclables with what entails in direct and indirect benefits. Incentive Based Recycling collection target is 40-60% of total recyclable materials -where implemented-. Cultural development and the creation of a need for legislative action towards enforcing recycling especially in countries where it is lacking .

The project entails three different tasks like the Recycling Centers & Reverse Vending Machines, this infrastructure provides the platform for incentive based consumer recycling in addition to interactive communication reaching out to the target community. The development of a cross border recycling awareness campaign, and the Source Website to develop various program components, a social media and interaction platform and an online library. In addition to the awareness creation are the expected results the engagement of youth communities in recycling activities at local levels.


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    German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce
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    British Egyptian Business Association
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    French Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
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    Delegation of the European Union to Egypt
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    Italian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt