"The opportunity is approaching to invest in Egypt" Dr. Rainer Herret

The German Parliament held a session to discuss the cooperation means and German Programs that can support Egypt and the Arab Spring countries, the session was headed by the Foreign Affairs head of committee in the German Parliament, who is also leading the majority party in Germany Dr. Rainer Stinner. other parliament members also took part in the session as well as heads of the German Chambers in North Africa and the Middle East, German funding agencies and government representatives.

Dr. Nader Riad, German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce Vice President headed the Egyptian delegation that participated in the session and presented the Egyptian vision to benefit from the German experience to support the economic and social development in the coming period, and suggested establishing specialized training centers in Egypt to graduate well trained calibers that can serve all the Arab countries.

He also clarified that this mechanism aims to develop Egyptian calibers to cover Egypt’s demand of qualified trained capacities with the German standards as well as exporting those calibers to neighbor countries which would represent a new mean of Egyptian exports that would increase Egypt’s resources of foreign currency, as well as attracting German investment to Egypt.

Dr. Rainer Herrett, Chairman of the German- Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce have presented the current political and economic situation in Egypt assuring that Egypt and the Arab spring now are moving toward a political and security stability.

And confirmed that the investment opportunity is approaching in Egypt specifically and the Arab Spring countries in general which is supported by the European and international mechanisms.

Dr. Alaa Ezz, Secretary General of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce presented the three cooperation opportunities in the Industrial and Services sector, adding the importance of having German companies directing their investments to Egypt now to benefit from the programs presented by the European union to promote mutual investment, trade, training and education in Egypt specially as Germany bears the major part in funding such programs and projects.

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