EIB-FEMIP celebrates tenth anniversary

Ten years of European Investment Bank’s Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (EIB-FEMIP) means ten years in which the neighbours of the EU could benefit from long-term investment programmes promoting economic and social development in the Mediterranean region.

Since 2002, the EIB-FEMIP has provided €13 billion to its Mediterranean partners and mobilised further €35 billion. It has supported 2.300 SMEs, is responsible for the creation of 30.000 jobs and financed technical assistance and capacity building to an extant of approximately €102 million.

During the celebration meeting, Cyprus Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly acknowledged achievements of the bank he called the "largest project financier in the Mediterranean“. He appealed to the EIB-FEMIP to continue its work and provide new " investment knowledge and technical advice“ so that Mediterranean partners can face upcoming challenges.

EIB President Werner Hoyer guaranteed the bank’s future comittment to its Mediterranean partners and assured the EIB-FEMIP was ready „to optimise ressources and develop further partnerships“ in the region. An ongoing project exemplifies the bank’s personal dedication to social and economic development in the Mediterranean region. In the last 6 years more than 70 students could benefit from an internship programme conducted by the EIB-FEMIP at its Bank. For candidates this is a personal work experience, but on the long run it can become of high value for the intern‘s home countries as well.


Source: ENPI Centre

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