Heliopolis University, first university in the Middle East focusing entirely on sustainable development

With the world facing unprecedented challenges such as poverty, food insecurity or climate change, Heliopolis University uses innovative, forward-looking study programs to empower its students to find creative solutions to society’s most pressing needs.

The newly established Heliopolis University in Cairo is thus a promising step towards the holistic, sustainable development of individuals, communities and nature in Egypt and the world.
At the heart of its philosophy lies the interconnection of teaching, research and practice that guides the university in all its activities. The common foundation of all specialized degrees is the core program - a humanistic training, which combines courses developing critical thinking and perception skills in the arts, natural and social sciences. On top of its explicitly international orientation, a further special feature is the Social Innovation Center, which promotes the exchange of ideas, research and practice across all disciplines.

Open to exceptionally motivated young people from all over the world, the first group of students will begin their studies in October 2012. 

Faculty of Business and Economics for Sustainable Development (B.A. Business and Economics)

The Faculty of Business and Economics for Sustainable Development goes beyond mainstream business and economics and questions the current paradigms. Students learn both the traditional basics and take courses in sustainable economics, developmental economics, business ethics, entrepreneurship and many others.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (B.Sc. Energy Engineering, B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering, B.Sc. Water Engineering)

The Energy Engineering Degree is especially tailored to those who want to focus on renewable energies in the Middle East. With a rigorous foundation in the engineering sciences, advanced courses address photovoltaic technology and manufacturing, wind energy systems, energy auditing and solar energy in buildings. Mechatronics students explore the newest advancements of technology indispensable for a sustainable, modern life. The Water Engineering Degree tackles the pressing issues of water scarcity and sustainable water management through courses on irrigation and drainage systems, desalination, water treatment or GIS and remote sensing.

Faculty of Pharmacy (B.Sc. Pharmacy)

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers the unique opportunity to specialize in Phytopharmacy at the Bachelor level. Other areas of emphasis are Biotechnology, Industrial Pharmacy and Drug Design or Marketing.


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